Brand Magazine for Ethical Fashion Show & Greenshowroom of Messe Frankfurt

Grafikdesign – Für rundes Bild aus einer Hand gestalten wir für einen umfassenden visuellen Auftritt: Corporate Identity | Logoentwicklung | Branding guidelines | Plazierte Prints | Textildesign | Product polishing | Labelingkonzepte | Kataloge | Printmedien | Verpackungsdesign

Graphic design – We are designing for a holistic the visual appearance: Corporate Identity | Logo development | Branding guidelines | Placed prints | Textile design | Product polishing | Labeling concepts | Catalogues and Print media | Packaging design

Latest Projects
Info Graphics — for Ethletic
Season 2019 + 2020
Cooperate Design — for Reality Beyond Dreams, Creative Film Production, Islamabad
Logo + Visuals + Basic Print Setup + Templates Web & Social Media
Pattern Design and Artwork — Donots and Ethletic Collaboration
All Over made from handmade Fanzine for Shoes and Shoebox, Artwork Patch
Pattern Design — Leaves Camouflage
2 Indigo All-over Prints
Logo, Card and Visuals
Pol Ponsarnau
Dove Camouflage
Patterdesign for Ethletic
Packaging for Ethletic
Hangtag | Shoebox
Placed Prints
Shirts | Ethletic
CD, Logo, Graphics
future fashion forward e.V.
PORTFOLIO in Process
Logo, Icons and Packaging
Organic Sneaker
Placed Prints
Goodybags | Ethical Fashion Show Berlin & Greenshowroom
Logo Design
Whateverest | Makers & Artist Group at Teufelsberg Berlin
Die Couchies | Freunde der Italienischen Oper
Logo Design
OOT—BOX | Credits: Jens R.
Logo Design
Treehouse Cummunity
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